Coop to initiate collective entrepreneurship (CICE) 

What we offer:

A Coop for initiating collective entrepreneurship (CICE) is a collective enterprise that brings together a dozen or so young people with the objective of creating their summer employment.  Together, they offer a variety of services such as lawn mowing, painting, babysitting, dog walking, etc., while being responsible for both the planning and the management of these services. 

To accompany these young people and allow them to experiment with a positive result, a coordinator and a facilitator support and supervise the project.  A local committee of community partners supports the “CJE” with the project design. 

The CICE is also a superb opportunity for these young people to have a job which they like, to acquire some levels of expertise in a specific field and to be introduced to the reality of collective entrepreneurship. 

For whom:

Young people between the ages of 13 and 17.